How to lose weight quickly

You want to lose weight fast? You feel like you offload a few pounds in order to put your bikini on the beach? This is the right place! We will give you 4 tips on how to lose weight quickly.

  1. Take a quick lunch. Skipping breakfast seems to be a practical way to reduce the number of calories consumed. However, the result is usually split and insatiable appetite, which usually grows to snack between meals or consume gargantuan portions at lunch. The breakfast rich in fiber and protein may, however, help you control your appetite throughout that day.
  2. Remember to stop. We often eat more than necessary. Recognize the signs that you came to satiety and rest your cutlery. You will limit your calorie intake and will not feel stuff yourself. In addition, you will facilitate your digestion, what more?
  3. Eat before you go shopping. The shops are full of temptations, new, colorful packaging, promotions … everything is done to crack the consumer! If you browse the shelves empty stomach, you’ll be more easily tempted by fatty foods, sweet and low dietary.
  4. Do not throw light on the products. Be aware that products labeled low fat still have calories and it is not uncommon for the difference between “normal” and “light” is very thin. Therefore, you should read the nutritional information on a package and focus especially dietetic foods naturally.

These four tips on how to lose weight quickly may help you if you want to optimize your system. Remember that the best way to reach your ideal weight is of physical activity and adapt your diet.

How to lose weight without dieting

Want to lose weight, but a plan does not tell you much. Don’t worry, you can do without necessarily going through a diet. The schemes are effective in the event you follow the rules, but you are wrong in the event you think you necessarily require you to diet to lose weight, there is another way to lose weight without doing so. It does not speak of a miracle, or miracle product that will make you lose weight, but a health food that you can adopt.

To start off right, eat healthily. Keep in mind that you require three meals a day, make definite to take them on a regular time every day. Keep in head that there is nothing better than a nice breakfast to start the day. So in the event you require to lose weight without dieting, a full breakfast is necessary: a bowl of cereal (or bread), fruit, fruit juice as well as a cup of tea. For lunch, select a hearty meal, but well balanced and eat so as not to be hungry in the coursework of the day by doing so you avoid snacking between meals. The dinner, it must be light, because as you will probably go to bed later, you won’t eliminate all physical activity. It is therefore recommended to eat light to keep away from gaining weight.

In the event you require better results, control what you eat. The number of calories you eat each day depends on your level of activity. Everything depends on you, in the event you overdo on calories, discover a way to get rid of, be active. However, use not that as an excuse to eat as much as you require.

Speaking of exercise, your body needs exercise. They do not ask you to do an activity that requires much hard work. Select one hour walk for at least one hour every day, without stopping, and always keeping the same pace. You may even ride a bicycle. Keep in mind that sport is essential not to lose weight, but do not take!

You can have the desire to lose weight, but your efforts won’t bear fruit in the event you do not get rid of your bad habits. The consumption of sweets, alcoholic drinks and junk food ought to be avoided, keep them for special occasions Prefer homemade meals.

Lose weight without dieting, you can. In the event you do that, eat healthily, drink lots of water and exercise. You require to have nice eating habits in the event you require to lose weight without depriving yourself. Down with pounds fat and dieting

How to reduce water retention

A simple test shows whether you made the water retention. Press with fingertips on the side of your ankle. This leaves a white mark for more than two seconds? Then this article might interest you! The mark disappears immediately? Congratulations, you’re among the 5% of women who do not suffer from this problem!

What is water retention?

The water retention is due to an overflow of water stored by the body stores more fluid than it eliminates. It results in swelling of body parts, including and especially legs. The ankles and feet are especially affected.

It can result from poor blood circulation and may depend on your menstrual cycle. That explains the 2 or 3 pounds more than you may notice on the scale before your period!

Fortunately, the water retention is not inevitable and it can totally be eliminated by changing his lifestyle. Proper nutrition and sports will be your best allies in your fight against water retention.

How to reduce water retention

Modify your diet

The foods to avoid and among them is your number one enemy: salt. Indeed, its role in the organization is to conserve water, no wonder it is the leading cause of water retention!

Other foods to limit: tea, coffee, alcohol, saturated fat and white flour, among others.

However, do not deprive yourself of eating fruits and vegetables (especially green vegetables) and protein.

In addition, do not hold water. 1.5 liters per day is a good average. For faster results, you can add assets in your tank draining, you will find in drugstore.

Another option: teas cherry stalks. Guaranteed to work!

Monitoring daily.

Unfortunately, the water retention requires constant supervision. Here are 5 tips to help eliminate the overflow of fluid in your body.

  1. Be physically active for 30 minutes 3 times a week is ideal. Swimming, steppers, jogging or cycling are quite recommended to overcome your water retention.
  2. Avoid prolonged standing.
  3. Elevate your legs when you are lying or sitting.
  4. Finish your shower with a spray of cool water on your lower body.
  5. Do not expose yourself to too much heat.

If your water retention persists despite change of lifestyle, do not hesitate to seek medical advice. Indeed, the cause of this disorder can be very serious.

Liquid Weight Loss Diet

If the liquid weight loss diet is the basis imposed for medical reasons, its use has expanded. This fasting has become a form of regime like any other number of overweight people succumb to the temptation to quickly lose their excess pounds while being deprived of solid food.

The history of fasting

Historically, fasting is closely linked to religious practice. He was regarded by Christians as a way to purify his body, to any mandatory preliminary meeting with God. Muslims, themselves, perceive it as a means to develop his spirituality.

Today, the fasting is very popular. Indeed, in addition to its slimming properties, this scheme is an excellent way to purify his body and eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body. It is therefore ideal for a night after heavy drinking or just after the Christmas season.

In recent years, the fasting and its virtues have been hijacked by dietitians to become a full-fledged regime: the liquid diet.

What is the liquid weight loss diet?

The operation of this scheme is very simple. This is not to eat solid food during a given period may vary depending on the result you want.

You need to fast and drink only water. However, if you feel unable to take this plan, you can also decorate it with vegetable broths and fresh juices, but with moderation.

This system shows quick results because the body requires to draw immediately in its fat reserves.


The liquid diet is not recommended for people suffering from eating disorders (TCA).

Products like coffee and other stimulants are highly-cons listed. Indeed, the heart is already subject to a severe test, needless to add!

If you start the liquid diet for the first time, do not exceed a period of 48 hours. You could put your organization at risk.

You will understand, the liquid weight loss diet is a great way to lose weight quickly. However, it must be approached with vigilance because the fasting is not an innocuous practice! In addition, rapid weight loss are often followed by equally dazzling occasions. To avoid this, you will need to adopt a healthy and balanced diet at the end of your liquid diet

Lose weight and stay slim

Lose weight and stay slim, it is our dream to all. But because of our experience weight fluctuations, one wonders if it can maintain its ideal weight over a few months … result we come to doubt our ability to put our weight loss in duration and we discourage. However, it is possible to keep the line after a diet! This article will explain how.

Lose weight and stay slim: a mission impossible?
So what to do to lose weight and stay slim? First, you must look to avoid too draconian regimes necessarily inducing the yoyo effect. Forget, for example, encouraging plans to consume 1,200 calories daily. They certainly provide you lose weight quickly, but also to regain all lost weight.

Another important point to be assured of keeping your brand new silhouette, you will need to rebalance your diet and not revert to bad habits. You are strongly encouraged to adopt a balanced diet and healthy. It is not about depriving yourself completely, just minor changes to improve your diet.

If you started to have physical activity as part of your plan, Do not stop the practice, you will facilitate a new weight gain. It is also this, the yo-yo effect!

Why do we resumed the weight that you lose?
This is called the yo-yo effect. The principle is simple: if your body is subjected to a regime that is too drastic, you will certainly lose weight, but also disrupt your metabolism.

On the one hand, it might slow down and therefore burn fewer calories, preventing your weight curve to descend. On the other hand, your body, perceiving that is under-powered, will tend to store everything you give him at the end of your plan. Result: your pounds come back as fast as they went, with even a small bonus.

Do not forget that restrictive regimes on incentives to crack especially calorie foods which, combined with the propensity to store your organization is the guarantee of gaining weight.

In summary, to slim and stay slim, you need to bring you must have a vision on your long-term weight loss. Indeed, return to your bad habits at the end of your diet is definitely not the behavior to have. Studies show that 95% of people who dieted regain lost weight within 5 years.

Losing weight without losing muscle

When we make a plan, what we want to lose all is body fat. But often, it is the muscle which is the first casualty of soaring pounds. Not really the desired effect, is not it? To lose weight permanently without losing the muscle you need to follow these 4 simple tips.

  1. Bet instead on proteins. A good source of protein is necessary because they have an anti-catabolic is to say they are fighting against the destruction of muscle and thus help preserve muscle mass. Thus, you can put on a diet without fear of losing muscle.

The ideal amount? People who practice bodybuilding are talking about 30 grams every three hours, but if you follow a normal diet you can just simply enrich your diet with meat, egg and fish.

  1. Choose satiating foods. When one wants to lose weight, it must reduce its energy intake (that is to say, the calories consumed) while ensuring a certain fullness. By eating foods so the satiety index is high, you’ll eat less but still feel satisfied.

Emphasize foods that therefore provide complex carbohydrates, protein, fiber and low in fat.

  1. Do not bid on dieting. Why? This type of diet you will certainly lose weight very quickly, but you’ll melt your muscles rather than your body fat! Therefore, you should gradually reduce your calorie intake.

To make sure you keep your muscle mass, it is advisable to balance your meals as follows: 30% of calories from protein, 20% fat and 50% carbohydrates.

  1. Do not remove the fat from your diet. It is true that you must reduce the amount of fat you eat to lose weight, but do not let them hunt. A healthy balanced diet should include all food groups, including fats.

Choose oils rich in essential fatty acids and does not get below 10% of caloric intake.

You will understand, it is better to lose weight gradually to be sure to lose fat and make sure it does not come back. By following these 4 tips, you’re guaranteed to lose weight smooth and refine your body without fear of losing muscle!

Natural Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a plague that affects the majority of women. These unsightly tufts that form the buttocks, thighs and belly are due mainly to a diet too rich. The body stores excess fat and in anticipation of a possible pregnancy. To get rid of his skin orange, you can then opt for a natural cellulite combined with other pure solutions of any chemical.

What natural cellulite choose?

To combat the accumulation of fatty deposits that form cellulite, there are simple recipes and natural products to help you get there. You can make a cure infusions of cherry stems, for example. They are found in pharmacies but it is equally possible to boil the cherries 10 minutes and keep only the tails.

Alternatively you can apply essential oils on your skin and feel of a forward-roll. Perform massage morning and evening prevents water retention and smooths your skin texture. Ask your pharmacist, one of the best known brands and is effective oil Samphire, for dilution in a vegetable oil before applying.

Such oils are known for their detoxifying and slimming actions but be aware that clay may also prove to be your best ally in your fight against cellulite. Bring to a 10min infusion during a handful of queens in the nearly 0.5 liters of boiling water. Mix clay (eg Viv’Argile) in the infusion until a smooth paste. Apply all over your skin orange. Let stand 30 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Other methods equally natural that will help you melt down your skin orange are at your fingertips. Initially, it would be useful to review its method of feeding and avoid snacking between meals. Indeed, by reducing portions of foods high in fat and sugar and avoiding cravings that is not a fruit, your body feel better, more fit. This will facilitate drainage and cellulite disappear visibly.

Finally, form a large part in physical activities will help to eliminate stored fat. You can play sports such as swimming, walking or jogging or perform strengthening exercises for your buttocks to firm it. Last tip, if you are fond of tea, do not hesitate to consume. They have a draining action which will give you a more certain in the fight against cellulite

South beach meal plan

The Miami Plan (also called “south beach meal plan”) is a recent invention resident in Florida cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatson. If this regime is esthetic, it was actually designed for patient Agatson who struggled to lose weight and maintain acceptable levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose in their blood. Today, the success of this method is global.

What the south beach meal plan?

The south beach meal plan consists of three phases and is based on the elimination of carbohydrates in the diet.

The food will be allowed to include: lean animal protein (including meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese). Without forgetting the “good fats”, which canola oil, olive oil, nuts and seeds, and some vegetables including lettuce.

The forbidden foods in phase 1 and 2 and supplies in small quantities in phase 3 are: fine bakery products (white bread, white pasta, cookies, etc..), Refined cereals (white rice, sugary breakfast cereals), some vegetables (potatoes, carrots, corn, beet), fruits (melon, banana, pineapple, grapes), fruit juices and all foods that contain concentrated sugars.

The first is the strictest and lasts two weeks. The starches and sugars (bread, potatoes, rice, fruit, alcohol, etc..) Will be abolished in favor of protein (eggs, meat, fish, vegetables). This phase is the most difficult since it is the most restrictive.

The second phase has a duration of one week minimum. You will gradually reintroduce the foods you were deprived during the attack phase. You can move to phase 3 when you reach your ideal weight.

The third phase is this different from any other that will determine your lifestyle and your relationship with food. It is based on sorting out good and bad fats and good and bad sugars. It is strongly advised to follow the basics taught in Phase 3 of the Miami plan to review your eating habits every day. This will prevent you from having to make plans!

Advantages and disadvantages of the south beach meal plan

One of the advantages of the system is obviously Miami can lose weight without starving. Indeed, it focuses primarily on food quality and not quantity. So you can eat certain foods you can eat!

In addition, the weight loss is rapid thanks to the attack phase extremely low in carbohydrates.

However, the south beach meal plan has not only advantages. Indeed, the monotony of Phase 1 and the sense of deprivation it causes can frighten some. Moreover, it is not easy to follow the diet recommended by Dr. Agatson in life every day! Difficult to have to cross out the restaurants with friends during Phases 1 and 2 …

Beware the yo-yo effect induced by the south beach meal plan! Indeed, a very rapid weight loss often leads to a resumption of weight equally meteoric. You must scrupulously respect the teachings of phase 3 if you want to keep your hourglass figure of the output of phase 2!

You now know everything you need to know about the south beach meal plan. You have to check whether or not you should! However, remember that, like all regimes, it is strongly recommended physical activity in addition.

The Montignac Diet Weight Lose

The Montignac diet is part of the large family of differentiated regimes. Differentiated regimes, there are lots, but the principle is very simple and is often the same: each food consumed in isolation did not affect the weight and does not swell even absorbed in large quantities. No matter what the food consumed, all that matters is when it is. You do not see where I’m coming from? So I invite you to read the rest of this article to see more clearly!

What is the Montignac diet? It is a regime based on the premise that weight gain is linked to the consumption of bad carbohydrates. To lose weight, should therefore remove the high glycemic index foods (potatoes, carrots, beets, white bread, pasta …) from your diet. Other foods with high carbohydrate content are allowed, but only 2-3 times per week and consumed alone.

Another assumption: the combination lipid / Carbohydrates also promote weight gain. Under the Montignac diet, it is forbidden to associate fat and animal protein and carbohydrates or starches. By cons, we eat protein and lipid control, as long as they are eaten alone. You type better idea?

Then it is time to look at the effectiveness of the Montignac diet! Let’s start with its effects on weight loss. The results are very fast, as is often the case with differentiated regimes. But far from being an asset, this rapid weight loss induced necessarily a yo-yo effect on resumption of a normal diet.

This not to mention the shortcomings that inevitably appear when we deprive ourselves of a certain family of foods. A balanced diet means always eating everything, hold on! If you do not follow this rule, you are likely to feel tired and weak all the time. Not necessarily the best when it leads an active life!

It must be recognized a benefit to Montignac diet: he can eat enough to not feel hunger and feel of starving. But this advantage does it weigh very heavily in the balance against all the drawbacks? To you to decide.

But to help you make your decision, let me remind you that plans allowing the consumption of fat is far from at will spare your body! Indeed, these are factors favoring the emergence of bad cholesterol. They also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Water Fasting for Weight Loss

Water fasting for weight loss is going to help you lose weight but it can also have negative effects on your body. Many people believe the best way to lose weight fast is to go on a water fasting. While it is true that you will lose a large amount of weight rapidly through water only diet, there are also some drawbacks to water fasting for weight loss.

Water fasting for weight loss is a very serious thing because water is one of the most important things that the body needs from the outside world. All the forms of life known to man depend on water and even the human body is at least 70 percent water. While food fasting is a well-known practice that can be sustained over a number of days without serious side effects, water fasting is not the same thing.

Basically, if you’re persistent in your water fasting for weight loss attempt, you’ll end up in the following situation: your head hurts, your mouth is dry, you are very thirsty and weak, you can’t stand up without fainting, your heart is beating like crazy and you breathe very quickly, thus worsening the loss of water.

Losing as little as 3-5 percent of your body water can send you directly to the hospital with a bad case of dehydration. And even if you don’t get that far, which, luckily, many people fail to do, there are still some side effects that you should take into account before doing something as risky as water fasting. The biggest problem, however, is the fact that you will find it very hard to stick to your water fasting.

Water fasting can be dangerous for “newbie” therefore it is advisable for you to drink fruit juice if this is your first time of water fasting.